Two weeks have now passed since I took part in the Ironman World Championship, Kona, Hawaii. These are my thoughts from this epic race, the pinnacle of the triathlon calendar… Continue reading “IRONMAN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2017”



Ironman UK was my second branded Ironman event (after Ironman Wales last year) and my second shot at the long-term goal of making it to the World Championship in Kona Hawaii. The course is one of the slowest on the Ironman circuit (although not as tough as Wales) with lumpy bike and run courses. I was racing with my Windmilers club friend Lee, who had agreed to take part after a few pints in the pub one evening. Continue reading “IRONMAN UK 2017”


When I got into triathlon 5 years ago, I read about Ironman and the Kona qualification system. Pretty soon, it became a long-term ambition of mine to qualify for Kona. With a little background research on the typical race times required to qualify and with a ┬álarge dose of optimistic thinking, I was sure that it would be possible if I worked hard enough for it. Continue reading “KONA QUALIFICATION”


10 hours in Tenby

Ironman Wales has a reputation for being one of the most challenging of the global┬ábranded Ironman races. The 3.8k sea swim is often choppy, the undulating 179k bike course has 2500m elevation gain and some technical descents and the marathon run has a further 500m elevation gain and descent with long sections on the twisty, cobbled streets of Tenby. If that’s not enough of a challenge, the first swim-to-bike transition consists of staggering up a steep ramp from the beach and running an additional 1km through the centre of Tenby before collecting your bike. There’s nowhere to hide throughout this race. Continue reading “IRONMAN WALES 2016”