April 2017 Training Update

It’s been a few months since my last post; time has flown by, seemingly quicker than ever! Here is a quick summary of how the last 3-4 months of triathlon training has progressed…


I have only done one multisport race so far in 2017 and that was Clumber Duathlon in March. It went rather well, I hit my target pace for the first run, smashed the bike and had a really good battle with Chris Kilburn (Absolute Tri) on the second run. I narrowly won the M30-34 age group by 5 seconds and finished 5th overall. My finishing time was almost 6 minutes faster than at Clumber Duathlon last year (weather conditions were probably slightly more favorable for the bike this time around).

I’ve done a few running races so far this year: two cross-country races for the Windmilers, some Parkruns, a 10k and a 10-mile race. My running speed is the best that it’s been; I’ve shaved a few seconds off my 5k PB to take that down to 17:21, I took a big chunk off my 10k PB on a slightly undulating course (10k PB now at 37:02) and I achieved a long-term goal of going under an hour for 10 miles (59:12 at the Maidenhead Easter 10).

Looking ahead, I’m racing Outlaw Half (middle distance) triathlon in May and Ironman UK in July. I was 7th at Outlaw Half last year with a 4:22 finish, it would be great if I could take a few minutes off that time.

Clumber Du Trophy
M30-34 Age Group Trophy for Clumber Duathlon

Swimming Training

There’s not much to report here. I’ve just kept the swim training ticking over for the winter, swimming twice each week (except during a week in Lanzarote in March when I swam every day). I’ve been trying to keep some intensity in each swim session to compensate for the lack of frequency and volume.

Bike Training

This has gone pretty well. I consciously made the decision to cycle more frequently this winter; up from around 4 times per week in early 2016 to 5-6 times per week so far this year. Most of my training is still indoors on the turbo with plenty of intensity in the plan. I hit my highest ever 20 minute test power (347W) in January and believe that I’ve gained a few more Watts in the last 3 months. I’m just waiting for a new power meter to arrive (my Stages is going; I’ve lost patience with warranty replacements!) and then I’ll test again in the next week or two.

I’ve also put a bit more thought and wonga into reducing my drag on the bike. This has included positional tweaks and new brakes (much easier to adjust and allowing tidier cabling). I’m looking forward to seeing if this will translate into some Richmond Park lap PBs this summer!

Run Training

I had expected my running speed to remain fairly consistent as I concentrated on improving my cycling for a few months over the winter. Surprisingly, my running has definitely improved. My running volume has been fairly similar to early-2016 at 80-85km per week average. However, I’ve been doing one faster run most weeks, such as a Parkrun at tempo pace or a flat-out race. This has probably been the reason behind the further running improvement.

Overall, the indicators are good heading into the triathlon season in a few weeks’ time and hopefully the hard work will translate into improved results this year!

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